Company Profile

Founded in 1983 to develop the emerging technology of chip components processing, Skymos (Hong Kong) Limited is now one of the foremost designer and manufacturer of chip components especially specializing in multilayer chip inductors, ferrite chip beads, multilayer chip ceramic capacitors, chip resistors & resistor networks, and has been awarded ISO 9001 and 9002 approval. Our expertise in manufacturing comes from years of experience in designing and processing micro-electronic components. Comprehensive understanding of the inter-relationship of the various components enable Skymos to resolve all technical problems in a particularly competitive and effective way.

Having 20 years' history of engagement in the electronics field, Skymos nowadays deals mainly with SMD components. Also on offer are monolithic multilayer ceramic capacitors (in radial or axial types) and ceramic disc capacitors. The company's chip components have wide applications including PCs, A/V products, home appliances, telephones, watches, educational toys and electronic translators.

All Skymos's SMD passive electronics components are made to EIA standards. We support advanced technology including design, quality assurance, automated testing, to ensure that our products are delivered on time and meet rigid specifications.

Other than our manufacturing and trading business, we also provide production lines and technology transfer, raw materials as well as wares and consumables for production.

In addition, we place concentration on the development of leadless chip ceramic carriers, low temperature co-fired ceramics, chip PTC & NTC, chip transformers in order to meet all needs of our various and valued customers.

Persisting in the business principle 'pursuing perfection in quality and satisfaction of customers' demand', Skymos will continue, as always, in the spirit of solidarity, struggle, state-of-the-arts, innovation, and to step forward with our clients, hand in hand, into the new era.

A cordial partnership is awaiting you.